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Whatsapp launches new calling feature

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Whatsapp launches new calling feature

Famous instant messaging application Whatsapp, launches new calling features to the updates launched. Many new features have been added in the recent updates launched, that is if you are on a call you will get to know of another call you are receiving.  Before call waiting facility had been added there was no option of choosing between the incoming and connected call, it wouldn’t connect that means, if you were already talking to someone on call and another person calls you, the person calling will hear the phone ring but you wouldn’t had been able to know about the call. After the call had been disconnected you would get a notification of  ‘missed call.

The ‘call waiting’ feature was available only for ios users but now it’s available in v2.19.352 stable (APK Mirror) and above of Whatsapp, and v2.19.128 (APK Mirror) of  Whatsapp Business

In the recent update if a user is on call and receives another call a drop down message will appear before the user to choose between ongoing or incoming call. Whatsapp user will have a choice to disconnect ongoing call and answer incoming call or just ignore incoming call.

Button to accept or reject call

A green ‘End and Accept’ button besides ‘Decline’ button can now be seen if a call is received during a call. If you press ‘Decline; button the incoming call will be rejected and you can continue with the existing call. If you choose to answer incoming call, tap on the ‘End and Accept’ button ongoing call will be disconnected so that you can answer incoming call.

Call hold feature

Whatsapp is still missing a major update of call hold, which allows person on call to put the ongoing call on hold and answer the incoming call and then previous call can resumed after the second call has been disconnected. The function of call holding is expected to be added soon.

Other features

Many other feature are to be launched besides call waiting feature like, dark mode, self destructing messages, multiple devices support and  new privacy policy settings in which users can control who can add them to group. This feature can be changed by following the path Settings> Account>Privacy>Groups

Fingerprint lock feature

Fingerprint lock feature had been launched by Whatsapp which allows user to protect their data or chats from unauthorized access. You can check this feature by following the path Settings> Account>Privacy>Fingerprint lock


The beta update by Whatsapp ‘Dark Theme’ as the name suggests will activate the dark mode with dark background. The ‘Light Theme’ will activate light mode with white background.

Battery Drainage issue

Whatsapp has also fixed battery drainage issue on devices which is ‘Set by Battery Saver’ the dark mode will be activated when the battery level drops below a certain point. This option is available only on Android 9.0 or older.

Group call

Earlier this year Facebook owned Whatsapp launched updates with the feature that allowed the users to make voice and video call in a group. 4 users could be added to the voice or video call at a time. The users could start a one to one video or voice call and the tap ‘add participant’ button on the top right corner and start a group call.

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