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PUBG announces major update with new factors

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PUBG announces major update with new factors

PUBG Corporation developed and published an online numerous player death game for video game lovers with a whole new experience. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can be downloaded and played on Android as well as iOS(iPhone). New updates are launched every month to make playing PUBG more interesting and double the fun.

PUBG is a player versus player shooting game between upto 100 players. The last player survived during the royal death match wins. Players have choice to start the game alone or with a person or team of upto four other players. The person or team to survive till end takes the prize.

Specifications of PUBG

PUBG begins with the payers jumping from a plane with parachutes onto one of the four maps with field range of about 8*8 km or 6*6 km, 4*4 km each. The plane flies across the field, the players have to determine when is the right time for them to eject and parachute to the filed. Players start with only the customized clothing which have no effect on the game.

Once the players are on ground they begin searching for weapons, armors, vehicles and other equipment. They have to search for everything in the ghost towns  and other sites which increases the risk of impact with other players. The equipment are scattered throughout the map with high risk zones having better equipment. Other killed players are looted to  gain their ammunition and stuff.

The game play area reduces in size leading players to a random site thus increasing the risk of impact. If any player is encountered and fails to enter the safe area in time he/she get eliminated. The boundary of safe zone is sparkling blue wall can be seen by players.

At random moments during the game areas highlighted in red are bombed posing threat to players in that area, prior warning of bombing is given, so that players can move to a safer place.

Loot package

A plane takes flight over the horizon at random and when a player uses flare gun it drops a loot package which contains items unaquireable during normal play.the packages emitting highly visible red smoke attracting more and more players and increasing showdown.

Each round lasts for upto 30 minutes and not more. In game currency and other rewards are awarded at the completion of each round. Cosmetic items or ammunition can be bought using the currency won.

Rotating event

A rotating event mode that changes normal game rules such as larger team-ups, distribution of weapons and armors etc was added to PUBG in March 2018.

PUBG labs

PUBG Labs the platform where players use features, modes, sets, rules etc that are to be introduced into the game. The feedback of the players determines which features are to be added.

PUBG Labs can be found in the main menu under the play button.


Update PC 5.2

Update 5.2 of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground been launched is giving its players a different gaming experience.

‘Spike trap’

Spike trap damages and punctures the tires of vehicles running over it.

  • Only one vehicle can be damaged with spike trap before it disappears.
  • A spike trap appears at rates persistent with other things thrown in the area
  • A spike can be laid by selecting and pressing LMB.
  • Spike trap can only be used once before it disappears.

Improvised grounds

  • To tackle the difficulty of mobility news road have been added
  • Amount of vehicles available to the gamers have been increased and their locations are adjusted
  • To navigate the area more thoroughly the river around Castle has frozen and a cold front has moved in
  • The steepness of Mount Kreznic located at the center of Vikendi makes it quite difficult to navigate. T tackle this the height of the mountain has been reduced.
  • The flat terrain of Vikendi makes it difficult for players to hide and take take cover during impact, more variances have been added to deal with it.


Complex structures and less loot some towns of Vikendi were occasionally visited. Following are the changes made

  • Increase in item generation in Peshkova
  • In general Volvona has been reshaped. Modification of major building and driving routes has been done.
  • Relocation of garages where vehicle were spawned to make it easier to escape after loot.

PUBG PC Update 5.1 

PUBG season 5 gives its user a whole new experience to the gamers with new content, hotspots and new strategies. Now old friends can get a new life when upgraded to Win94. Through an added feature melee weapons can now be thrown

Assistance to the allies can now be given by attacking the enemy and taking them down.

To restock backpacks a new type of loot station has been added and to keep everybody of teams and energy drinks item throwing has been enabled.

PUBG Mobile update 0.15.0

In the beginning of the year PlayerUnknown’s PlayGround collaborated with Resident Evil and introduces Survive till Dawn mode. Survive till Dawn gets a creepy remodeling with ‘Halloweeks’ theme. Zombies that are to be killed or slayed with bio-warfare equipment is introduced. The Payload mode has brought heavy weapons, helicopter, air strikes, teammate revival mechanic and much more.

Other features include ledge grab mechanic that gives access to previously unreachable areas, new land, vehicles, detonating fuel drums and four types of graffiti for players. A new pistol named Desert Eye pistol has been added.

With all the new improvement the game now run smoothly, less power consumed, making it less likely to heat the device.
PUBG Mobile update 0.14.5
PBUG mobile update was launched with a new warrior themed content and some tweaks to the mission system. This update didn’t bring much such as new weapons vehicles or game modes, these update are expected in the new update.
PUBG Mobile update 0.14.0
Zombie infection mode is the major update of PUBG mobile update 0.14.0. There are two teams the zombie and the defenders. The last to survive is the winner. Defenders are the only ones with guns but every defender killed by the zombie adds another player to their rank.

New cosmetic items are available to the players and mission rewards have been revamped making easier to play free and unlock new goodies.



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