The Last Of Us Pary 2


Sony found out the last of us part 2 over the weekend with a trailer just lengthy sufficient to give visitors something to invest about. Like all popular, unproven net principle, this one has the last people gamers taking sides for and against it — but primarily against it.00

(there are a few light the final people spoilers from here on out, and if this idea is real, it would be a major spoiler for the closing people component 2.)


The video for the closing folks component 2 delivered us to an older, war-scarred Ellie, seated alone in a bedroom. Except she wasn’t completely by myself — there were dead bodies strewn all over the residence, and the blood jogging down her forehead suggested Ellie would possibly have had a hand of their dying.

There has been one other body in there with Ellie, although: Joel, the hero of (and Ellie’s parent in) the first recreation. We don’t see Joel for extremely long, and we in no way see him from the front. However, it changed into sufficient to persuade lovers that he’s not genuinely still alive, after all. Rather, Joel is dead, appearing earlier than Ellie as some guide from beyond.


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