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How 5G technology will change the future?

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How 5G technology will change the future?

Technology is the use of new scientific development practically in everyday work of human life, to differentiate and influence the environment. Humans are launching technologies day by day to make their lives easy and comfortable. The launch of 5G technology will change their lives and future. People were using 1st generation of computers also known as 1G in the older days and gradually time change technological advancements made people move from 1G to 4G. Now the time has come for a jump to a whole new era, the launch of fifth generation that is 5G is being planned.

Technological advancements

5G is fifth generation of wireless mobile networks that promises to speed up processing time, more stability of networks and connect multiple devices at a time, transfer data at a much faster rate etc.  Technological shift with 5G much similar to the shift from cables to wireless system, large immobile telephones with wires to more efficient smart phones, from type writers to computers.  Revolutionizing technology and change will the World we see today, but everything good also has negative impact.

Devices compatible with 5G

First devices that are compatible both 4G and 5G technology will be needed to switch to a more stable network. The devices connected to 5G will be energy efficient and will consume 90% less energy.

Downloading speed

Its speed that most of fascinate about in today’s World. 5G technology will allow us to browse, stream and download videos and movies at a much faster rate. 4G networks downloads at a speed of 20Mbps but 5G expected download speed will be 500Mbps to 1500Mbps. A movies that takes 3 hours to download on 4G will only 3 seconds to download on 5G.

Smart cities

In the World of 5G technology the cities will also be smart. Many country have started investing in smart cities for example smart lighting system was installed in San Diego that would dim automatically when there’s no one near saving energy bills. Streetlights are being replaced by LEDs that monitor air quality in Pittsburgh. Manholes covers with sensors are installed to redirect water when sewers are full have been installed in South Bend Indiana. Gunshot detecting microphones have been stationed in areas of high crime in San Francisco which resulted in 35%decrease in crime rate in those areas where gun shots were fired.


With the launch of 5G technology the World will move towards automation, the cars will be driverless, robots will replace humans. Humans will no longer have to do any kind of exertion as robots will be at their service. They will not get tired or demand salary or holidays and will do more in less time. This will decrease job opportunities and increase unemployed people with nothing to do, increase health risks. Cars without drivers will invade the roads. According to National Highway Traffic Administration risk of accident increase by 95% with humans behind the wheel. autonomous cars saves lives and can avoid the risk as they will communicate with other cars.


Visiting the doctor regularly is quite difficult for most of the patients. With 5G technology wearable or implanted devices will record your vitals and transmit them to health care providers. High speed wireless networks will also enable telesurgery where specialist in one hospital will be able to control equipment in other hospital.

Home appliances

On daily basis the impact of rapid effects of 5G technology will be noticed in your home. This will allow all appliances of smart home to work automatically without the hassle to program them. The network will detect all threats and send emergency call all by itself.


It’s not important whether you will see the impact in 5 or 10 years what’s important is that it’s coming. nd will change how you live and have a greater impact on our lives, it’s who will chose



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