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Careem partners with WOW to create jobs for female bikers

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Careem partners with WOW to create jobs for female bikers

Salman Sufi foundation launched a project named ‘Women on Wheels. WOW aims to make the mobility of women easier in Pakistan. Careem has partnered with WOW to create more job opportunities for female bikers. As women will be able to ride bikes and drive other women to their destination.

The Women on Wheels project was in the province of Punjab in 2016 for the first time. A team of 150 trained female bikers went on road on bikes in Lahore under the supervision of Punjab Government.

Partners of WOW

The private initiative is being supported by United Nation Development Program, UN Women, Japan, FINCA as well as the Government of Japan and Careem Pakistan. Rawalpindi, Lahore, Sargodha and Faislabad are the cities where the initiative has already been implemented and is quite successful. It is now expanding its roots towards Karachi.

Aim of WOW

Providing females with road safety education and training them to ride a bike is the main aim of WOW.

10,000 women will be trained to ride a bike as the strategic association of Careem and Sufi Foundation aims. The announcement of the partnership was made at the launch of ‘Women on Wheels’ (WOW) held at the Frere Hall on November 24, 2019.

Dignitary personalities at event

Shehla Raza Minister for Women Development, Murtaza Wahab, Adviser to Chief Minister of Sindh on Law, Anti-Corruption Establishment and information, Aisha Mukhtar Deputy Country Representative UN Women, Asad Khan General Manager-South Careem Pakistan and Salman Sufi who is spearheading the campaign and is famous for his work on female rights across the world are the dignitary personalities that were present at the event.

Job opportunities for female bikers

The partnership of Careem and Salman Sufi Foundation will bring job opportunities for females and they will be able to support their families. Females who want or have to support their families financially will get a chance to do so as Careem will give 10.000 jobs to female bikers.

New vehicle type in Careem app

A new vehicle type will be launched in Careem application. The female bike Captains will have to cater female customers only. Careem will be backing up Salman Sufi Foundation by providing trainers across Sindh at multiple facilities.

Facilities by Careem

Further facilities such as safety gear such as helmets for female biker Captains, subsidized rates for traveling to and from the facility and spread information through their social media platforms will also be provided to Salman Sufi Foundation.


In an interview given to Gulf News in 2018 Salman Sufi said that. “Economic empowerment is dependent on mobility, and this was the cheapest way we could give women mobility”. According to a tweet by UN Women Pakistan 10,000 females will be taught to ride motorcycles. 3,500 women have already been trained to ride a bike in Punjab. 40% discount have been given on the purchase of bike have been given to female bikers.

To register and learn how to ride a bike, please reach out to


Women are dependent on male members of their house for mobility. Males are the ones responsible for giving pick and drop facility to women. As the women will also be able to ride bikes they will no longer have to ask men to drop them. Women will also be able to financially support their families.


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